HopeMail encourages you to live real, live one day at a time, live well. And enjoy that cake. No, not the whole cake. A slice, ok?

What is HopeMail? 

A newsletter of honest, hopeful, helpful writings on life and what comes with it! It’s for anyone to find encouragement and just that bit of perspective in different life situations. This is your corner of quiet comfort in a noisy world—to sit, read, rest easy and just be. A space to embrace and celebrate life, through the mountains and valleys.

You’ll receive two free issues of HopeMail every month. Delivered on the 1st and 3rd Sunday.

What is HopeMail? (TLDR version)

Honest, hopeful, helpful writings on living life:

a. Meaningfully

b. Happily

c. Wisely

d. Without losing sanity

e. Select one or all of the above

Why subscribe?

HopeMail brings together a community of people around the world desiring to live real, live well, and be the love our world needs.

Each free issue of HopeMail comes with some or all of these:

  • An essay around the topic of living life. 

  • Fun and useful links on culture and life.

  • A quote to inspire and challenge. 

  • The occasional GIF to make you laugh.

  • The occasional poem from me or other writers.

  • A space for randomness. Because we need both: space and random whimsy in life.

Subscribing to this newsletter is the best way to receive my writings. I’m not on Facebook, hardly on Instagram. Occasionally on Twitter @melindayeoh

Who writes HopeMail?

Hi, I’m Melinda. A full-time writer, dreamer, lover of life and beautiful things. Oh, and I have a growing love for writing poems. Apart from my newsletter, I write web content and articles for other blogs.  

I have been writing for *HopeMail since 2017. The newsletter started from an intensely painful season of my life. I know how crippling and lonely pain can be, so I write and share my stories; to connect with others and to spread hope. 

HopeMail has since grown beyond the topic of dealing with life difficulties; to living life meaningfully: live real, live one day at a time, live with a purpose bigger than you.

*HopeMail started in 2017 on another email platform. I’ve moved to Substack on 29th January 2021.

Here are what my readers are saying:

I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated these emails. They have helped me loads with the challenges I’ve faced recently and have reminded me to—keep it simple, trust God but move your feet, let go of the obsession to control outcomes and enjoy the basic blessings. That’s how it has motivated me this last month or so. – John Cassap

Thank you for your articles. You helped me a lot to be mindful of what is going on with my life. - Ben Mung

Thanks for the gentle reminder that we live one day at a time. We are just so caught up with the fast-moving pace and expectations from people; we’ve forgotten some things we just need to let go! As always, looking forward to your next newsletter. - Regina Tan

As I read your HopeMail, I feel like I am reading a chapter from a book of a best-selling author. The words are meaningful and expressed from the heart of the author and yet these words can relate to the readers to go deeper into their hearts and challenge them. Thank you for writing and using your gift so beautifully. - Kevin

Thank you, Melinda, for the timely reminder of `waiting room' and the meaningful message. - Jamie

I hope to continue writing my heart out in HopeMail. Your support and readership mean a lot to me. And I wanna thank you, once again, for being here together. 

You: Sounds good! I’m in. 

Me: Yay! See you on the other side. Thanks for subscribing.