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Line illustration artwork from Meditations in Nature collection—Commitment. Inspired by the Black-naped Oriole birds which are usually seen in pairs, and often together for life!

“I always like reading your articles. Authentic and reflective. Your original drawings too! ❤️ Makes me pause, wonder and reflect on what's truly important & precious in our lives. And on things we take for granted, until it’s taken away from us. So, keep it up!” ~ Po Lin

Twice a month on Fridays, I share my drawing and writing on life lessons, delivered to you in one short email.

You’ll find art (drawing, poetry), actionable tips, short musings, encouraging quotes and thought-provoking excerpts from books or the web.

I hope you’ll be amused! Entertained! Nudged to ponder! And perhaps, feel a connection through a shared life experience.

Most of all, I hope that it’ll speak to you at the right time, just when you need it.

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Here are three previous issues to get you started:

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An invitation for you.

Close up of my hand drawing the artwork “Precious In His Eyes”
Drawing the artwork from You Are You collection—Precious In His Eyes. God created us and we are all precious in His eyes. Wouldn’t it be great if we can see ourselves and others through God’s eyes and love?

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About me

I’m a writer and an artist on a mission to create art that encourages and inspires people towards a kinder, gentler, happier, compassionate world. My artworks are often inspired by my reflections on life. I love drawing the traditional way and my line illustrations are hand drawn with fine liner pens on paper. Sometimes, my poems and prose accompany the artwork.

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Tree branches and seven birds | Meditations in Nature | Line drawing of trees and birds art print Print
Artwork from Meditation in Nature collection—Tree Branches and Seven Birds. Using binoculars, I focused on one part of the many trees surrounding me and made it the star of the artwork. As I looked through the lens, a flock of birds were flying around, it was amazing, and I decided to capture that moment.

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How HopeMail got started

I have been writing for HopeMail since 2017. The newsletter started from an intensely painful season of my life. Knowing how crippling and lonely pain can be, I share my stories to connect with others and to spread hope. HopeMail has since grown beyond the topic of emotional pain. And evolved into broader life topics, sharing life lessons from day to day life.

By the way, I moved from another email platform to Substack on January 2021. And there’s where you are now, hello. 👋🏻

Here are what my readers are saying:

You’ve helped me to be mindful of what’s going on in my life. - Ben Mung

I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated these emails. They have helped me loads with the challenges I’ve faced recently and have reminded me to—keep it simple, trust God but move your feet, let go of the obsession to control outcomes and enjoy the basic blessings. That’s how it has motivated me this last month or so. – John Cassap

Thanks for the gentle reminder that we live one day at a time. We are just so caught up with the fast-moving pace and expectations from people; we’ve forgotten some things we just need to let go! As always, looking forward to your next newsletter. - Regina Tan

As I read your HopeMail, I feel like I am reading a chapter from a book of a best-selling author. The words are meaningful and expressed from the heart of the author and yet these words can relate to the readers to go deeper into their hearts and challenge them. Thank you for writing and using your gift so beautifully. - Kevin

Thank you, Melinda, for the timely reminder of `waiting room' and the meaningful message. - Jamie

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