In Its Place

: a poem and a new drawing about hope | 2/24 new drawings for HopeMail

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In Its Place

Who puts the sun in its place?
For dawn to break; for dusk to fade.
It’s God—truly, Holy, Almighty.
Who reigns now and forevermore. 

Written in 2018.

I was standing on shaky ground
Things happening in my life and around me were not making sense
I don’t understand
I got fearful.
I was hitting the wall. 
Trying to push through with my wit, strength and will
I got tired.

“Who puts the sun in its place?”
A voice said in the thick of the chaos.

In a split second, my inner world rearranges itself.
As I remembered—who I am, who God is, whose I am.

I found rest. On hope and faith beyond what the finite human intellect can grasp.
And I place the smallness of me in the infinite power and love of the Creator God.


Thanks for reading this issue of HopeMail. And welcome again, to those who signed up in the last two weeks. I’m glad you are here.

This issue is a particularly challenging one to produce. Both in the drawing [the intricate lines after lines] and also, the writing [it’s a tough subject to write about]. 

I wrestled with the tension between talking about the anchor in my life—a faithful and loving God. And being aware that some of you might not acknowledge the existence of Him. 

I wrestled with sharing my struggles, then in the next breath, casting those cares to God. Considering what would someone who’s currently going through pain feel?

However, I trust that if it’s for you, it will speak to you personally.

🎧 While drawing this issue’s artwork which took more than nine hours, I had the chance to listen to several podcasts.

Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope 
There’s a story in this episode, “The Courage To Keep Going” that had me crying.

The parents of Jessie Rees talked openly about their pain and anguish of their then 11 years old daughter who was diagnosed with late-stage brain tumour. 

Amidst her fight with cancer, Jessie wanted to encourage other kids who were in the same hospital she was receiving treatment from. She got some 64oz plastic jars, stuffed them to the brim with new toys and games and gave them to the other children fighting cancer. Before she died in 2012, together with her family and friends, they have given over 3,000 JoyJars. Her parents, Erik and Stacey are continuing her wish to help every kid fighting cancer to be encouraged to never ever give up. By the end of 2019, over 300,000 kids fighting cancer in over 40 countries received Jessie’s JoyJars. Find more about Jessie and her Jessie Rees Foundation

In Jessie’s Journal, her father continues writing to Jessie

🎧 This song, Blessings, is one of the songs which accompanied me during my mom’s fight with cancer and after I lost her.

That’s all for now, folks. Thank you for reading. If you are interested in buying my drawing—In Its Place, the artwork is available as fine art print (giclée print on acid-free paper) at $40 for A4/8" x 10" size and $70 for A3 size/12”x 16”.

Behind-the-scenes 30 seconds video

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The original drawing was drawn on A4 size, acid-free, 220gm paper. It's available for sale at $180. Prices exclude shipping fees. I ship internationally.

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Take care and I’ll see you in my next issue.

💖 Melinda