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Issue 105

Once upon a time…

My world went crash, boom, bang. And there began, an intense, emotionally painful season of my life. It was so painful, I wouldn’t wish it to happen to my worst enemy. Though, we shouldn’t be wishing bad things to happen to anyone, k. 

It was during that season; I started HopeMail. I know how crippling and lonely pain can be, so I write and share my stories; to connect with others and to spread hope. 

I have a blog then. But somehow, I felt like having a smaller, cosier circle. I wanna write to someone, like a letter. One on one. Email felt right. And HopeMail newsletter was born. 

So, HopeMail is something very close to my heart. And one which I have been consistently pouring my effort and heart into since 2017. 

My 2nd HopeMail email in July 2017

Back then when I started…

My readers were my husband and a few friends. People who had no choice but to subscribe. Love and support, y’all. 


Came people I don’t know, from the web: a reverend from the US, a wonderful person from the UK who served the homeless, (who now I see as my email brother/reader); more friends (no arm-twisting involved), more people I don’t know. 

I’m thankful for each and every one of them, and for you, who’s reading this.

Me in 2021 at this time of writing

Here’s a one-liner to describe me with my writing:

A deep thinker with a penchant for lame GIFs.

Other things you didn’t know/might want to know/don’t care to know, but I’m still telling you anyway:

If you are into personality tests thing: I’m an INTJ (changing more and more into INFP), an Enneagram type 4, a D and C in the DISC personality. But as my wise advisers will say, “don’t let it define you.”

I always have thoughts in my brain running at high speed and often at each other. It sometimes drives me crazy, no, not literally.

I have a borderline sarcastic, dry humour kind of, er, humour. Though those close to me will attest to the level of borderline.

I can be poetic, crass, sentimental, mental, passionate, pessimistic, an intellectual, a doofus, sensitive and brutal all at the same time in one package.

Oh, I’m a writer. With a growing love for writing poems. 

Ta-dah! Me.

2017 - 2019, 2020, 2021 and beyond

HopeMail has since evolved. As I grow as a person, and as life brings more changes, so do the things I want to write and share with you.

The newsletter has grown beyond the topic of dealing with life difficulties; to living life meaningfully: live real, live one day at a time, live with a purpose bigger than you.

I’m planning to have a paid members’ corner in the future. Something going beyond just emails. I have a few exciting ideas in mind! But—I’m holding on for now; I want to spend some time listening to you guys, so that, we can craft something meaningful together. 

My vision-ish for HopeMail is to bring together a community of people with a zest for living life: being real, always learning, and wanting to live a life of purpose—bigger than themselves. 

To go beyond individualism and consumerism. To see our world—her people, nature, creation as connected. Because—it is. We are connected. 

Whoa. There goes my presidential speech. 

I hope to continue writing my heart out in HopeMail. Your support and readership mean a lot. And I wanna thank you, once again, for being here together. 

This quote from Steve Jobs 16 years ago is timeless. An encouragement in tough times.

Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. - Steve Jobs

Remote Community Experience

COVID-19 pandemic has taken away many things in our lives. But there are bound to be some good things that arise from it.

In the spirit of gratitude, and encouragement to yourself and others:

Name one good thing you can think of, that came out from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some examples:

Less traffic; more enjoyable to cycle.

More time to read.

Just reply to this email or comment in this post. Let’s spread some encouragement.

Till my next issue on 21st Feb, take care!


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