HopeMail is a personal newsletter about things in my heart and life.

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You’ve found my newsletter. Or is it the other around? Either way, welcome, nice to have you here.

HopeMail is my personal newsletter. In our noisy online world, HopeMail is a quieter, simpler space for me to write about things in my he(art) and life. May it be a quiet place for you to find rest too.

Currently, there’s no fixed publishing schedule or fixed format. Just—honest writing from me.

If this is something you’d look forward to reading, I’ll see you in your inbox. 

💖 Melinda
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About me in three points

  • Following Jesus, albeit stumbling and bumbling along the way.

  • Married to a wonderful husband; stepmom to a daughter.

  • An artist working on building it as a business.

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A personal newsletter about things in my heart and life


Abstract artist, writer. Painting, writing, praying.