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I share stories of my drawing adventures, challenges, and breakthroughs I've experienced along the way. HopeMail now comes to you occasionally (it was once to twice a month) as I’m on this project below.

And oh, there’s another newsletter under the HopeMail umbrella too: Project365 A Drawing A Day.

est. September 20 2023

As per the project’s name, for one year/365 days, I’ll do a drawing a day. The project starts September 20 2023.

When you subscribe to HopeMail, you’ll automatically receive the Project365 A Drawing A Day newsletter by default. For now, the emails will be sent with each drawing a day except Sundays. Each email will be super short: a drawing with a caption. You could always unsubscribe anytime. 

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It started with writing, which I thought was all I wanted to do. Then drawing entered, and now, there’s a new tempo in my heart.

Hi, I’m Melinda. Creating art makes my heart sing. In both these newsletters, I want to spread the joy of enjoying art. I invite you to come along.

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Whether you buy art, create art, or both, let’s connect and find joy through art.

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💖 Melinda

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About me.

I’m a writer and an artist. I capture sceneries and landscapes and transform them into art pieces for people who want to decorate their space with nature and landscape art that speaks to them, evokes a sense of calm, and harmony, or inspires them to dream. My artworks are inspired by my life reflections and observations of my physical surroundings. I love drawing and painting the traditional way, as I find it a form of relief from the digital world we are in.

Here's my story.

As the only child in the family with no siblings to play with, my late mother would buy me books to read and art books to keep me occupied.

Coming from the maternal side of the family where different ones would paint, draw, play the guitar, sew, and do arts & crafts—I didn’t realise I was being nurtured by this creative environment.

image: photo of a young girl about seven years old, smiling contentedly, holding a watercolour brush, she's painting a vase with flowers.

Though always drawn to art and words, I ignored this artistic path, and chose “safer” careers for over two decades.

It was in 2016 when I went through a tough period in my life: family, health, and work, that I found solace through writing, and later in 2020, drawing.

Those difficult long years made me more sensitive towards other people’s pain; I developed humility (well, that’s surely an ongoing process). l also learnt to place my hope in a God whose promise never changes—amidst a world of uncertainties. I learnt to look for beauty in ordinary, everyday moments.

Now, I create art pieces to inspire, spread hope, and a little whimsy. Making art makes me happy! And I want to share with you the moments, where you’ll see through my eyes—the amazing sights and experiences from my exploration of our beautiful world.

follow along.

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Finding joy through art. Working on my biggest (craziest) project yet: Project365 A Drawing A Day. Subscribe to receive a daily drawing!


Melinda Yeoh

Artist, writer. Working on my biggest (craziest) project yet: Project365 A Drawing A Day. Subscribe to receive a daily drawing!