: on someday syndrome, the anti-productivity productivity idea, #9/24 new drawings (no birds), a new poem.
: on walking, the Camino de Santiago, a new drawing of a poem, a mini true story
: a poem and a new drawing about hope | 2/24 new drawings for HopeMail
: on opting out, saying no, plus a funny comic and photos of my making burger buns adventure
: 😱 I'm starting to resent the work I love doing | getting the groove back | 7/24 new drawings, a riot of colours
Hello and welcome to the first issue of The Half Month Project pop-up newsletter. Similar to a pop-up store, this is a limited-time newsletter with a…
: on getting tired of self-flagellation on my work, introducing a pop-up newsletter, and of course, the 12/24 new drawings for HopeMail.
: on taking your life back and regaining control of your life | A TikTok experiment triggered my soul searching | 8/24 new drawings (a haiga again!)
🎄This is my story of why I’ve changed, and how Christmas has an entirely new meaning for me. | 4/24 new drawings
: learning to be gentle to yourself | the first issue of 2022 | 5/24 new drawings
Who’s this? | Why I started HopeMail | What’s next?
: wowed by generosity