Dream makers; dream killers

: about the dreams we make when we are awake | 1/24 new drawings for HopeMail

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🤔 Hmm…so that’ll be 24 new drawings in a year. Let’s count down to 24 drawings! I think that’ll be fun.

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Dream Maker | line drawing

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🎧 While drawing this issue’s artwork, I'm listening to…

Adele. When We Were Young | Apple Music, Spotify

Somehow, her voice and her songs make me go teary-eyed. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Remember when we were young, dreams were only limited to our imagination. 

Then, we grew up and some of us stopped dreaming.

Then there are the dream killers too. People who dampen your spirit, kill your ideas, dreams. With silence. With corrections, opinions. Sometimes uninvited.

Weigh them. Those words. Discern. 
Is it real? Is there truth?

If not, gently sweep those words and off they go into the recycling bin.

What are some of your dreams?

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I have dream killers in my life too. Sometimes, I’m my own dream killer. Afraid to dream and do—because—I’m afraid to fail.

Being a full-time writer and artist is a dream of mine. For the longest time, I wanted to write. And to use my writing to speak to people. 

Back then, I didn’t know I want to draw, or could. Somehow, in late 2020, the drawing surfaced, bloomed and it stayed. I love it. I used to say how my hands danced over the keyboard when I write. Now, my heart dances too when I draw. 

So, after over 20 years of choosing safer careers (because, starving artist, wow, no), in March 2021, I made a bold change to pursue the two things I love—drawing and writing, as my career. Starting over. 

Am I still fearful of failing? Yes. Do I imagine people laughing at me? Yes. Am I concerned I will never make it? That’s a possibility. 

I’m reminded of what my pastor and friend said to me a couple of years ago. 

“Building castles in the air is better than not building castles anywhere.” - Bernard Lee. 

So, I’m giving myself time to develop this career as an independent creator, without the starving artist bit. Double down on cutting expenses. Double down on improving my skills. Double down on sharing with people about it. Double down on prayers. 

🔗 By the way, I found this article if you want a further read. Doubt, fear, disbelief, discouragement, pride and other dream killers.

To the dreamers and visionaries reading this, gobuild your castles.

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✍️💖 Melinda


  • When I think of what to draw for this issue’s topic on dreams, I imagined the carefree ways of children. And in my head, I see this image of a little girl running happily with a kite flying high. Nothing is impossible for kids, isn’t it?


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