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I’ve been working hard on refining the value of what I’m offering to you through my newsletter. Thrilled to let you know what’s new with HopeMail in this issue. Read on. 

HopeMail #124 | This issue is a break from our usual content to share what’s new with HopeMail.

👋🏻 💐 Welcome and hello to the seven new readers who signed up in the past week. Glad you are here.

Hi there,

I’ve been reflecting on what has changed in my life season, and how would that affect this newsletter? What is real to me in my life now? How can this contribute to my work—the writing, the drawing, this newsletter?

A few years ago, I started HopeMail (on a different mailing list platform) from a season of pain, I share my stories to let others know they're not alone, and to encourage them.

It has since evolved into broader life topics, sharing life lessons from day to day life. I’m grateful many of my long-time readers are still reading. Shout out to you guys! ❤️ Thankful for my new readers and friends too.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve started drawing [more] this year. Through drawing, I find my world changing, and how I express my stories changing. I have been thinking about how can I share this part of my world with you through the newsletter.

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Also, unknown to the newer readers, I used to have another paid newsletter along with HopeMail. Influencer was the name.

From Mondays to Fridays, I’d send a very quick-to-read email with things ranging from short musings to things I curated from books and the web—I’d include encouraging quotes, excerpts from books, articles, and sometimes even a funny video, because laughing—why not. 

Each email usually ends with an actionable tip or question to ponder. You read it in one short sitting, and you go on and have a good rest of the day/evening.

Often, I’d receive an email reply back from the readers (no comment buttons then), sharing how the emails spoke to their current situation, or how it has encouraged them. It was really nice.

I missed having that. 

After much consideration, I’ve decided to incorporate both of the above elements together in the newsletter.

So, starting next week, you’ll receive a new, improved version of HopeMail! I’ve just made it sounded like an ad for milk formula. 

For an idea of what you’ll be getting, here’s what I’ve written for HopeMail’s new About page:

Drawing & notes on life lessons to brighten your inbox.

Twice a month on Fridays, I share my drawing and writing on life lessons, delivered to you in one short email.

You’ll find art (drawing, poetry), actionable tips, musings, encouraging quotes and thought-provoking excerpts from books or the web. 

I hope you’ll be encouraged! Amused! Entertained! Nudged to ponder! And perhaps, feel a connection through a shared life experience. 

Most of all, I hope that it’ll speak to you at the right time, just when you need it.

Though the style and content may evolve, the heart of HopeMail remains unchanged since the day I’ve started publishing it to a handful of friends. It is to encourage people and to spread hope. (Hint, now you know why it’s called HopeMail.)

An invitation for you.

Close up of my hand drawing the artwork “Precious In His Eyes”
Drawing the artwork from You Are You collection—Precious In His Eyes. God created us and we are all precious in His eyes. Wouldn’t it be great if we can see ourselves and others through God’s eyes and love?

Being a one-person writer and artist, I’d like to be able to do the work for this newsletter and my drawings for as long as I can—both physically and financially. 

So, here’s my invitation.

If you see the value and in the heart of my work, please support me with a newsletter subscription. Your subscription supports the production—time, costs, resources, effort—of the newsletter with its drawings, and other projects, which are available free for anyone. With your subscription, you help to pay it forward so that everyone can continue enjoying the work I’m putting out. 

The monthly subscription is $5.00 
You can support with an ad-hoc donation too.

Support my work

Why subscriptions?

The subscription model empowers me as an independent creator, to have the autonomy of being able to use my art—word and drawing to reach out to people.

Whether it’s a poem about finding joy, an essay on being ok with not being ok, or a drawing that speaks about being comfortable with who you are, my mission is creating art to inspire and encourage people towards a kinder, gentler, happier, compassionate world.

It takes a lot of time and effort to produce the work that I’m putting out. If you like and see the value in my work, this is a way to support my work. Your financial support not only makes the work financially sustainable, but in spirit, you are also telling me that you believe in my work and you are cheering me on.

My thank you gifts for you.

☝🏼 As my thank you gift to my paid subscribers, I’ll be sending you in traditional 🐌 snail mail fashion, a physical postcard of my artwork with a note from me. The postcard is 4” x 6” in size. It’ll fit a 4R photo frame should you want to frame it. I’ll do my best to pack it securely to prevent the edges from bending.

✌🏼 You’ll also receive a digital phone wallpaper of my artwork every quarter of the year.

Artwork from Meditations in Nature collection—”View From The Window” on a postcard. This series was drawn when I was feeling blue during the pandemic. I found solace from quietly observing my surrounding.
Mock up of phone with digital phone paper of artwork “Tree Branches & Seven Birds”.
Digital phone wallpaper of artwork from Meditation in Nature collection—Tree Branches and Seven Birds. Using binoculars, I focused on one part of the many trees surrounding me and made it the star of the artwork. As I looked through the lens, a flock of birds were flying around, it was amazing, and I decided to capture that moment.

💪🏼 Last but not least, even if it’s not for the above gifts, the main reason you are subscribing is that you’d like to see more of my work going out; encouraging people. And I thank you for doing that. 

It’s $5 a month.

Support my work

Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to sending you the next issue of HopeMail with refreshed content on November 5th, 2021. Till then, take good care.

💖 Melinda