: on ditching ideas that don’t serve your why, a new haiku (poem), new drawings. And I did want to launch my book.
: on joy is a discipline, making a joyful moments list, Find Joy In Ordinary Things illustrated poem
: on dealing with those feelings from the pandemic. A not funny comic.
: on creating white space, recognising the different rhythms in our life, a great article link on reducing Zoom fatigue, two questions on finding peace
: on taking control of our thoughts, COVID vaccination, death, a featured artwork story, and a funny comic
: on birdsong, screaming kids, being present, plus my new shop!
: on opting out, saying no, plus a funny comic and photos of my making burger buns adventure
on walking, the Camino de Santiago, a new drawing of a poem, a mini true story
Missing hugs? The days when you don’t need to wear a mask? You are not alone.
illustrated essay, behind-the-scenes of my work station, a song
Plus: job, career, vocation; what’s the difference?
The 1st guest post! | a poem | a drawing